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Has anyone here read the official WB descriptions for the last 3 eps??? Is it just me or does it really seem like the last two should be descriptions for the last few eps of the series?? WTF? And I'm sorry, these seem more like spoilers than the whole Helex wedding info, which makes me want to gag more than anything...

Lex and Lionel are told that Clark is an alien. At the end of the second season?? Am I just seeing things incorrectly or is this GOING WAY TOO FAST!!??

Someone help me to calm the hell down because I am in the mood to kick something or someone!!
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I haven't read the spoilers, but the twin and I were discussing canon, just the other night. We believe that MR must be pushing for more money, or wants out of his contract, now that his movie career is taking off. Our guess is that TPTB are looking for a way to alienate fans/viewers so the series can be canceled, in lieu of forking over huge amounts of green to keep the *stars* on the set.
I hope you're right. I really, really do. MR deserves better and he has stated time and again that he didn't want the stuff that seems to be happening to happen so soon. I mean, really. Just about everyone has given up and decided that Lex is now Evil!Lex after his Obsession Room. The Helex is just... horrid. And they are moving that along even faster than before his complaints. The Friendship of Legend is almost nonexistant. Why wouldn't he want the hell out of there???

Wait. Why am I still watching this show???
While I don't doubt that anybody with more than two working brain cells - and Michael's got a lot of brain cells working in there - couldn't help but look at 9 out of 10 SV scripts and say WTF? He's signed on for a five year run (well, four and they option the fifth, most likely) and that's the done deal. He's not going to be allowed to go anywhere before that obligation runs out. Unless the show is cancelled.

As hard as it is for most of us to fathom, TPTB don't think they've got a bad show, are doing anything stupid, etc. Why? They've got huge (OK, huge for the WB) ratings (in second tier networks, the show is second only to Fox's "24"). Ratings mean happy advertisers and a network full of suits who are patting themselves on the back saying "Damn, we know what we're doing!" The fact that a (relatively) small group of folks (namely us) who are not in their target demographic, are palpably unhappy means zip to them in terms of making changes.

From what I know about MR, he's way too professional to either bite the hand that feeds him or kick prosperity in the face. He's working and doing so on a hit series, which puts him ahead of just about everybody else in the Screen Actors Guild right there.

What we are currently watching is, I think, SV evolving into what Al and Miles always intended: A live comic book, complete with comic book bad guys and improbable plots. The fact that it so could have been and gone way beyond that, broken new ground and been a top flight piece of creative drama is what makes me terribly sad, mad and ready to spit nails, when I'm not busy frothing at the mouth. I'm about to move entirely to Egypt.

This is an interesting thought. Though it kind of makes my heart constrict to think MR is throwing a wrench into the system, this does make a whole lot of sense. Seems really unprofessional, however...

BUT, I remember there being a lot of speculation to this effect during the whole kiss scene with Dr. Dropkick in Visage. A lot of people thought the lack of chemistry there was due to Michael being an asshat and not wanting to play nice with the script. Then the whole cut scene thing came to light, though, and mostly quelled that area of discussion.

Either way, I don't really know. I feel bad about speculating without having all the details, but it does give me a heavy heart because it's a possibility... :(
To answer you both--

I agree that it isn't right to speculate without facts. First and foremost, I want to make sure everyone understands I'm only stating opinion, with no concrete evidence to base said opinion on. That said...

1. I agree with Aelora, that MR deserves better than he's been given this season. Hell, for the entire series, thus far. Three wicked and manipulative bitches weret hrown at Lex in the space of two seasons. Lex was not given screen time with Christopher Reeve during Rosetta. And, the list goes on.

2. I also agree with Celes. If MR is difficult on the set, then the crap scripts might be a form of punishment. I hope that he is not pressing for exorbitant amounts of money, but then again, he honestly deserves it.

And finally, I wouldn't like to see MR end up like David Duchovny. Twenty years from now, he'll be remembered as Fox Mulder. I know these thoughts cross MR's mind, from time to time, especially since he's been so accessible for conventions and public appearances to promote the series and the WB.
And finally, I wouldn't like to see MR end up like David Duchovny.

I've thought the same thing. MR is more in danger of being pigeon-holed into this part than anyone else on the series. It's kind of like we can't look at John Schneider without seeing Bo Duke. Sure, Michael has been doing other things, the occasional film role. But most have been a) either very tiny or b) movies that no one but hardcore fans see or c) Sorority Boys which had the chance of being seen by more people but was ripped to shreds by critics and fans alike. With the role of Lex, not only is he being seen in that part by a couple million people each week, but he is the one making all of the public appearances as well. No Lex Luthor previously is either that memorable or someone you *want* to remember, ie the Lex of the movies is just plain silly.

As much as I *love* him as Lex (and trust me, I do!) I don't want that to be the only thing I remember him for. Which is likely why I watch my tapes of ZDJJ so much. I want to see him do more roles but let's face it, unless he wants to become an action hero like Vin Diesel (and the whole idea of MR as an action hero is busting me up at the moment), there just isn't much out there. Twice now we have been shown that the wigs just *aren't* cutting it. They look awful. Sure, they make us laugh but I'm sure he would like to be known for more than just ridicule for the hair styles.

The poor guy is really in a tight spot right now, IMHO, and this is just speculation. But, he signed on for a show that he thought had great potential, he was excited about, he was willing to shave his head for and put his career in any other way on hold. Everything seems to be going as planned and then suddenly he starts to see changes in the storyline from what he had been *promised* as to how it would occur. He complains in a well-read magazine. The storylines, if possible, get *worse*. Lex is suddenly starting to go evil at the end of the second season. How many articles have you read where MR blatantly says this shouldn't happen until towards the end of the last season? That he talks to people constantly about it. If I were him, I'd be beyond pissed. He gave up a lot to take on this role and now he has been relegated to the "In the meanwhile, Lex and one of his recent wives have a spat over wallpaper" spot on the show.

Seriously, Smallville could still take place without Lex. With the way it is going, this is obviously how they should have written it from the beginning. They teased us all (including Michael) into believing that the show was about this strange friendship between Lex and Clark. It has now turned into a show about Clark growing up in high school and his many loves and the occasional mutant freak. Oh yeah, and over here, this is what Lex is doing. If you took out every Lex scene lately, how much would it really affect Clark and his overall development? Lionel could have easily been some other villain with no ties to Lex. They could have stuck by comic canon and just had Lex and Supes meet up in Metropolis in the future. They could, just as easily, have Lex take off to Metropolis, leave Smallville behind and maybe have MR do the occasional guest spot. You know, like for each wedding he has.

Of course, they'd loose a good portion of their audience. But then, no one ever said the WB was *smart*.

Wow. This went off on more of a tangent than I had planned...
First and foremost, I want to make sure everyone understands I'm only stating opinion, with no concrete evidence to base said opinion on.

Word. :)

But I don't see that crap scripts are necessarily the way to go about censuring someone for asking for too great of a raise. The first and foremost reason being that the whole drive behind television is to make money. If they think they need to cut their losses on the show, then they should just pull the cord rather than actively turn it into crap television.

That being said, I agree that MR is becoming, if not a hot commodity, then at least a warm one who deserves at least some kind of pay raise. *g*

Hopefully all of this speculation is just us grasping for straws and there's nothing so nefarious happening on-set. :)