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Al Gough Burns the French Fry, er, Midnight Oil

(I posted this in my personal journal, but it belongs here too. *g*)

Here's a New Big Al interview here with ZAPIT.COM:

I ran it through The Big Al Gough Translator, and, as usual, I came up with some interesting stuff.

Re: Lana Lang

Big Al: "Also, we were able to flesh out Lana's character and dimensionalize her more."

Translation: KK is rilly pretty. Rilly, rilly pretty. You guys are still buying that, right?

Re: Chloe

Big Al: "How many times can she be jilted by Clark?"

Translation: "I don't watch my own show, at least not with the sound on. But KK is rilly pretty. Don't need the sound for that!"

The S3 Opener

Big Al: " Also, unlike last year, Season 3 will not pick up on the heels of Season 2. "There will be a cliffhanger element to the show," Gough admits, "but it won't be like Season 2, where it started three minutes after Season 1. It will pick up three months later. We're going to play the summer."

Translation: "Hoo-boy, we wrote ourselves into a corner this time! Hoo-hah! Is it lunchtime yet?"

Deep Thoughts About Lex

Big Al: " Speaking of Lex, Gough points out, "As I always say, Clark Kent has lied to Lex Luthor much more than Lex Luthor's lied to Clark Kent. At this point, Lex is still struggling. There is that part of him that is always striving to do the right thing, but will the hands of fate ultimately push him over the edge? But it isn't for lack of trying. You can never say that Lex Luthor didn't try to do the right thing."

Translation: "Are you sure it's not lunchtime yet? I don't believe you. Let me look at my watch."

New Characters!

Big Al: " While Gough says that Superman's true love, Lois Lane, probably won't show up until Season 4 …"

Translation: "And she'll by played by Kristen Kruek! Won't that be GREAT?"

Big Al: ""Our hope is in Season 3, and I put it out there, is that you will see Bruce Wayne."

Translation: Who will ALSO be played by KK. When I say "dimensionalize" I mean, "dimensionalize" baby!"

Whew. All I can say is thank God for the Big Al Gough Translator by Ronco. $19.95 and comes with a free mini Pasta Pot, the pot with the strainer built right in!

Get yours today at

And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to weredonut *smooches*
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