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I'm blind!

Hi *waves* I just couldn't take it anymore. I had to come spread the Helen!Hate :) I heard about this community from kelex and I just had to vent.

Um excuse me? MARRIED!? No. Just no. HELEN must *DIE* Dammit to hell! This relationship is moving faster than Clark can run!

I was *crying* at the end ... yay tears of rage ... Because no. It's a complete character assassination of Lex.

Do the writers know this entire relationship has taken place OFFSCREEN!?

Oh wonderful land of denial ... I love you so much.
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This relationship is moving faster than Clark can run!

Heh. You have *no* idea how much I needed that chuckle. Was it in the writer's plans from the beginning to have Lex marry twice this year???

It's a complete character assassination of Lex.

Thank you!! My sentiment exactly!! This is soooo out of character for him, especially after everything he has said and done in the past two seasons, I am pulling my hair out enough that I will soon look like him!! I was crying too. Still am everytime I think of it. They've ruined this show for me, they've ruined Lex. I am going to have to sit down and watch Season 1 again just so I can keep enjoying him.

BTW, welcome to HateCorp! Glad to have you aboard!
But didn't Dropkick melt the wall around Lex's pants? Isn't THAT what it was about?

What was this ep about anyway? Who the heck ARE these people?

I made Annie watch upstairs 'cause I knew I was going to throw things at the TV, which upsets her. And I did. Plus yell and burst into tears at the end. They have totally ruined the only remaining our of network TV I used to look forward to. God I hate these people.

I fought very hard not to cry. I kept doing it though. For about two hours afterwards whenever I thought about it.

My fiance refuses to watch anymore. And he was the one who got me into it! So it proves its not just the Helex factor and my not liking the skanky ho - the show has truly gone downhill.

And The Sopranos fifth season is *how* many months away??? *sigh*
Hmmm.. I don't know if I should know what happened at the end. But I so want to know. Even it it kills me. *sigh* I don't know what will the writers do next. *sigh*