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Keep 'Em Flying!

Presenting ...

Have you ever wanted to just fling your most hated character/storylines/episodes over a huge wall and hear the satisfying *SPLAT!* as they were turned into a grisly cement sandwich?

Well, here you go. Send 'em flying, peeps!



Listen up, Dr. Doom. Pushy bitch does NOT = strong. I wanted to keep you around, because I thought that you'd be turning evil, thus making things slightly interesting, but you're just turning my stomach for no good reason.

Thus, you gotta go. In the bucket, bitch.



Even Howard Stern is starting to think you look like a monkey. Me, I think you're pretty, but not pretty enough for me to take another minute of your self-absorbed, badly acted, lame-o storyline that is starting to detract from my Clark Is Pretty love because anyone who loves *you*, no matter how pretty, is a damaged individual. And MY Superman ain't like that, damn you, not even back then.

This is so long overdue.



Too bad the Neanderthals died out. They'd have loved you.

Get IN the bucket, you pompous dickwad. NOW.


Episodes: Nocturne, Visage, Dichotic, Crush, Obscura and Fever

In the bucket! In the bucket NOW, you horrible, horrible creations of evil.

In, in, in!


Whew. That was thirsty work.

Anyone else want to work this thing a while?
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