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You knew it was coming...

I really didn't want to hate Helen. I actually liked her in Dichotic--her and Lex meeting is the only reason I sat through the first twenty minutes of the show. However? I utterly despise her.

Visitor just kind of... sealed her fate, for me. I mean... okay. She got a MASTER KEY, which is a key to every fucking door in the house, from the guy she's only been dating what, a couple months now? And she's bitching about him not trusting her? I've lived with my parents for thirty fucking years almost and I don't have a master key!!!!!!!!! How much more of a sign of trust do you need? I mean, he's giving you the run of his whole entire house, and out of like, 75 rooms, one is locked, and you're going to leave because of that? Two words. Dumb. Cunt.

Second thing... Lex knows that Helen knows about the Kents. At least *something* because she saw the blood sample in Fever (another episode I didn't watch) and he doesn't press her to share everything. He doesn't demand to be let in on every nook and cranny of her life. He's perfectly content to understand that PEOPLE OCCASIONALLY NEED PRIVACY, YOU BITCH!. But no, not Helen. She has to have EVERYTHING her way. She demands absolute trust and absolute obesiance, and yet, when it's demanded of her, she gets on her fuckin' high horse (see: the situation with the Lionel meeting.)

Now. Yes, I know. Confidentiality between doctor and patient. Fine, fine, whatever. You and I both know that doctors go home at night and talk about their patients whether or not they should. It's a fact. I know it happens, I've heard it, and though I'm not namin' names, I've participated in it. Bullshit me if you want to about confidentiality, when talking to a spouse, confidentiality means exactly DICK.

Third thing... we've seen Lex give a (fake) declaration about the walls around his heart, yaddayaddayadda, but we've not heard word one from this cold fish about *her* feelings towards Lex. Only that she's pissy about trust and doesn't trust in return. Fucking. Bitch.
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