instructor of the immobile arts (ingridmatthews) wrote in hatecorp,
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Shameless request ...

Okay, so who's going to make me a Helen icon with the word "SUPERBITCH!" or "MEGABITCH!" across it?

*bats lashes* Puleeze? I'd be ever so grateful. :D
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Hee. celes720 made me my current fave that I will probably use all summer. But I can definitely see what others I can come up with...

*runs off to have fun with icons*
We need *tons* of Bitch!Helen icons. I'm pretty sure it's in the Hatecorp charter somewhere that we supply them when proved right.

I'd be glad to, but I can't do it until I get home from work. For some strange reason the lawyers here won't let me spend my work time making Smallville icons. They're so silly! *g*
Bastards! Let's sic Helen on 'em!

That'll learn 'em. ;) And thanks!
Hee! I'm not sure who would win the evilness smackdown: the lawyers or Helen. I'll try to get it to you early this evening. And you're welcome!